Heading to the mass spec meeting this weekend? We hope to see you there - booth #16! #ASMS15 #ASMS2015 http://t.co/z6dgeqJEKU
- Thursday May 28 - 1:23pm

Can't wait for #ASM2015. Already dreaming of great science and sugary beignets! http://t.co/8ABvOYjp8v Join us in booth #766.
- Wednesday May 27 - 1:57pm

Fascinating work at @EinsteinMed - check out how Alex Maslov is making strides in cancer research. http://t.co/qvMPYeNdnp
- Tuesday May 19 - 1:14pm

Turtle phylogeny! Very cool paper using sequence data from ultraconserved elements to plot the family tree. http://t.co/L640WOpc01
- Wednesday May 13 - 1:25pm

DNA Day makes us feel like rock stars. Celebrate with us! http://t.co/pRDVXxT2U2
- Friday Apr 24 - 3:33pm

Cool new paper from @EinsteinMed: Improved transposon-based library preparation for the Ion Torrent platform. #Pippin http://t.co/ZIXL8jC7m3
- Tuesday Apr 21 - 7:43pm

Thrilled to see video protocol from @masonlab featuring #PippinPrep for DNA sizing in methylation mapping pipeline. http://t.co/zQ564vRDU2
- Tuesday Apr 21 - 1:34pm

RT @servingscience: MT @HVazquezMiranda: PhDs from @SageSci and @servingscience training future #PhDs in #NGS library prep @HBGlab http://…
- Tuesday Apr 21 - 1:33pm

Whitehead Institute technician Amanda Chilaka reports on using the new #PippinHT for high-throughput DNA sizing. http://t.co/8Q1AQU9WZB
- Monday Apr 20 - 1:55pm

.@GenomeAnalysis scientists scale up DNA fractionation with #SageELF, get impressive results. http://t.co/Becok092wl
- Thursday Apr 9 - 1:20pm

First report of targeted capture of large-insert DNA, used for structural variant detection. Very cool. http://t.co/VgIRk6Z8s4
- Tuesday Apr 7 - 7:10pm

Thanks to #ABRF2015 and #ASBMB for two stellar scientific meetings. Check out our recaps. http://t.co/u7yLM1CyKX
- Thursday Apr 2 - 8:03pm

We're declaring 2015 the Year of Long Reads -- here's why. http://t.co/7b8Y1iZ4aa
- Thursday Mar 19 - 6:49pm

Farewell to #AGBT15 -- thanks for amazing science! We’re humbled by the remarkable work happening in this community. http://t.co/RtuDYNOtA9
- Tuesday Mar 3 - 5:59pm

Can’t wait for #AGBT15! Parties, popcorn, and #PippinHT. Join us in lanai 179! http://t.co/9Cvz8VU5Ly
- Thursday Feb 19 - 7:22pm