RT @mbcf: The methylome. The one ome that will keep us busy for years. Nicely done. https://t.co/QBERbIRM9E
- Thursday Mar 22 - 5:27pm

What’s the impact of #DNA methylation in archaeal genomes? @Stockholm_Uni team finds out by analyzing the complete… https://t.co/cP3bCVcqyQ
- Thursday Mar 22 - 4:27pm

Affordable high-quality draft genomes from microbiome sequencing? It's possible thanks to this @Stanford and… https://t.co/ljKA7ckR4N
- Wednesday Mar 21 - 1:38pm

RT @SelectScience: .@SageSci is on a mission to develop novel techniques that truly sequence the whole genome. We speak to the company’s ch…
- Tuesday Mar 20 - 7:35pm

What’s the best way to use @PacBio #IsoSeq to analyze plant transcriptomes? According to teams at @JiaoTongUni &… https://t.co/Ie3TfVlThD
- Tuesday Mar 20 - 4:15pm

Paralyzing find: @unibern scientists have ID’ed and purified a key neurotoxin element in tiger wandering #spider ve… https://t.co/hACF3Xr1V3
- Monday Mar 19 - 4:06pm

An exciting new technology to enable whole genomic reads during NGS" - @SelectScience describes our "revolutionary… https://t.co/mJpXPA7r14
- Thursday Mar 15 - 8:27pm

Great to see this description of how a Stanford team is using #SageHLS for targeting large genomic regions. https://t.co/U0vEA8w88T
- Wednesday Mar 7 - 9:27pm

Student sequencers? Keith from @omicsomicsblog predicts classrooms of the (near) future may contain DNA sequencers.… https://t.co/1ScWMwfCn1
- Thursday Mar 1 - 5:14pm

The future of genomics is now. @OmicsOmicsBlog discusses the "mind-blowing" state of sequencing with @mendelspod,… https://t.co/OK3glhH6mf
- Tuesday Feb 27 - 5:12pm

Why cabs pair well with braised ribs.... https://t.co/HftL7M7Q6V
- Tuesday Feb 27 - 4:57pm

RT @ScienceJill: Excited to see so much HMW DNA ❤️ at #agbt18 - both academic innovations as well as commercial products. @AATI_US @SageSc
- Friday Feb 16 - 8:51pm

For today's #TBT: Flashback to paper by @matholomoo at @EarlhamInst about how to use RenSeq capture for @PacBio seq… https://t.co/JjcGnfRo3O
- Thursday Feb 15 - 3:26pm


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