Cell-free DNA studies can be enabled by precise size selection. If you’re at #AGBTPH, don’t miss poster 107.https://t.co/9v33SYQYnr
- Friday Sep 23 - 1:47pm

Proud to be sponsoring the #ILMNUGM user events! We hope to see you at an upcoming meeting. https://t.co/PkNFnk7zgw
- Thursday Sep 15 - 2:42pm

.@UDelaware genomics core facility stands out with cutting-edge instruments and automated DNA size selection. https://t.co/WDTbriuvH1
- Wednesday Aug 24 - 2:17pm

PELE-seq method boosts SNP calling accuracy from NGS data. Uses #PippinPrep! https://t.co/frZbMBRPiU
- Wednesday Jul 27 - 1:47pm

Cool new method for detecting somatic structural variants in low-coverage sequencing data. #PippinHT included! https://t.co/VxFNljV4U1
- Thursday Jul 21 - 2:12pm

New @10xgenomics protocol recommends #BluePippin and #PippinHT size selection for Chromium. https://t.co/qX4DJOsZqp
- Monday Jul 18 - 1:44pm

Optimized RAD-seq protocol ensures uniformity of coverage for plant populations. https://t.co/e5WjiDYbhp
- Wednesday Jul 13 - 1:38pm

“We are no different from the cockroaches.” If you missed it, check out this @mendelspod chat with Kari Stefansson. https://t.co/t05jtdahss
- Monday Jul 11 - 2:11pm

This new Chinese genome and transcriptome analysis is well worth a read. Delighted that #BluePippin helped out! https://t.co/jO7kW3z4gS
- Tuesday Jul 5 - 2:54pm

RT @PacBio: Long-read sequencing and de novo assembly of a Chinese genome https://t.co/f7Rec9RLS0 @USC @NatureComms
- Friday Jul 1 - 5:01pm

Terrific discussion-- you should check it out! https://t.co/tb7DojSwsj
- Thursday Jun 30 - 7:16pm

RT @RNASeqBlog: #IsoSeq analysis of #SMRTsequencing data produces most detailed maize #transcriptome yet - https://t.co/v5TDUz4CGJ @CSHL @P
- Thursday Jun 30 - 3:33pm

RT @SaschaLaubinger: PacBio RNA-seq uncovers full-length splice isoforms and alter. polyA sites in sorghum https://t.co/V1GE8vqFRK https://…
- Thursday Jun 30 - 3:33pm

Congrats to @GenomeinaBottle for its great paper characterizing 7 genomes with 12 techs. https://t.co/TPcxEH2221
- Monday Jun 27 - 10:17pm

Meet the scientist trying to bring the world a better blueberry with advanced genomics tools: https://t.co/jl1dw8eMmb
- Tuesday Jun 21 - 1:32pm