Our method collaboration with GiWon Shin and HanLee Ji @Stanford is out! CRISPR/Cas9 enrichment of 200kb targets u… https://t.co/ONBWkWJpyY
- Wednesday Aug 1 - 2:50pm

Interesting chromatin folding method from the researchers in the Netherlands, Multi-Contact 4C uses nanopore to stu… https://t.co/HbpWA6fkyy
- Monday Jul 16 - 6:16pm

Sage Science is hiring a Research Scientist to develop Cas9 reagents to enrich medically relevant sequencing target… https://t.co/4i3JZ9g4KY
- Thursday Jul 5 - 4:33pm

Flies in the ointment: @TAMU @USDA_ARS & NCGR scientists sequence genome of the blood-feeding horn fly, showing the… https://t.co/42sjasjSFG
- Monday Jun 18 - 5:20pm

Scientists from @WURplant & elsewhere embarked on project to improve sample prep protocols to obtain high molecular… https://t.co/VPdvJQJC5a
- Thursday Jun 14 - 5:18pm

To improve the assessment of rDNA in cell lines, @sheffielduni scientists devp'd a @PacBio-based method for high-th… https://t.co/kYQToJapA3
- Tuesday Jun 12 - 5:16pm

Tracking #listeria and #salmonella contamination: Scientists from @NNInstitute establish guidelines for whole-genom… https://t.co/BzKVOsP0it
- Friday Jun 8 - 5:11pm

. @queensu & @Harvard researchers team up to assemble the highly heterozygous genome of an arctic colonial seabird,… https://t.co/mtJLJPj21E
- Wednesday Jun 6 - 4:12pm

Sequencing soy: @IllinoisCropSci & @USDA_ARS Scientists seq'd wild perennial relative of soybean, producing 939Mb… https://t.co/Yk9rd05opg
- Monday Jun 4 - 4:08pm

When it comes to transcription initiation, splicing & polyadenylation events in breast cancer cells + human tissue,… https://t.co/2z2YvVMUrJ
- Thursday May 31 - 3:06pm

Scientists from @OISTedu & @okayama_uni generated draft genomes & transcriptomes of ribbon and horseshoe worms, w/… https://t.co/2t1vU4KpX7
- Tuesday May 29 - 5:38pm

Ah yes! Congrats to @mattloose, @alexomics on this recent milestone! https://t.co/I3tue6ny1J
- Thursday May 24 - 7:32pm

RT @hagenom: @joowook @martinalexsmith @nanopore Working on it. Multiple targets and pooling should increase the amount of output DNA to th…
- Thursday May 24 - 7:28pm