Our #AGBT19 Re-Cap. https://t.co/BuHAvoxKBP https://t.co/wRglStrfTj
- Friday Mar 22 - 6:31pm

We will rock you. #agbt19 https://t.co/bKCSYMs21c
- Friday Mar 1 - 2:21am

Neat study in @OandNonline using #LinkedReads to analyze tumor-specific SVs in Neurofibromatosis Type 2 patients.… https://t.co/ApaBOmh1Hd
- Tuesday Jan 29 - 6:55pm

In Race for Blood-Based Cancer Detection, More Teams Turn to Epigenetic and Fragment-Based Analysis https://t.co/xbXsSEWLaL
- Tuesday Dec 11 - 5:01pm

Sage Science is looking for a Research Scientist to work on a novel targeted sequencing method, #HLSCATCH. See th… https://t.co/VMUP8A1VcM
- Wednesday Nov 28 - 8:59pm

Great conversation on Illumina / PacBio with Keith Robison and Shawn Baker on Mendelspod. Nice big picture perspec… https://t.co/l4on581T1j
- Tuesday Nov 13 - 9:28pm

Use HLS-CATCH to enrich and sequence long genomic fragments. Learn about our collaboration with Icahn Institute at… https://t.co/dBSLvinGtF
- Thursday Oct 18 - 8:50pm

Check out our new method for Illumina sequencing of gene targets purified with HLS-CATCH. If you’re at #ASHG2018 s… https://t.co/QSlIhbSs3K
- Tuesday Oct 16 - 6:47pm

Great study in @sciencemagazine on monitoring Yellow Fever outbreaks and managing epidemics. @Fiocruz @OxZooDepthttps://t.co/wttf9QI9Uh
- Thursday Sep 13 - 6:38pm

Our method collaboration with GiWon Shin and HanLee Ji @Stanford is out! CRISPR/Cas9 enrichment of 200kb targets u… https://t.co/ONBWkWJpyY
- Wednesday Aug 1 - 2:50pm

Interesting chromatin folding method from the researchers in the Netherlands, Multi-Contact 4C uses nanopore to stu… https://t.co/HbpWA6fkyy
- Monday Jul 16 - 6:16pm

Sage Science is hiring a Research Scientist to develop Cas9 reagents to enrich medically relevant sequencing target… https://t.co/4i3JZ9g4KY
- Thursday Jul 5 - 4:33pm

Flies in the ointment: @TAMU @USDA_ARS & NCGR scientists sequence genome of the blood-feeding horn fly, showing the… https://t.co/42sjasjSFG
- Monday Jun 18 - 5:20pm