Hey, #Moleculo users! BluePippin optimized for size selection with the new @Illumina long-read kit. http://t.co/muldW4mmW0
- Tuesday Oct 28 - 1:10pm

Great to attend #ASHG14 and to meet so many inspiring scientists. A few parting reflections on the event: http://t.co/N0NipkkprA
- Thursday Oct 23 - 1:42pm

#ASHG14 still going strong! We're loving the emphasis on mega-scale studies. http://t.co/QXiNmGCmbs
- Wednesday Oct 22 - 1:35pm

If you're missing the amazing #ASHG14 conference, here's a quick update: http://t.co/91rm9fWfSq
- Monday Oct 20 - 5:22pm

RT @PacBio: DM: BluePippin size selection essential for Iso-Seq projects, seq 3 kb or higher transcripts & binning different transcript siz…
- Thursday Oct 16 - 7:04pm

RT @PacBio: DM: Comparing AMPure-selected & BluePippin-selected libraries, similar sample QC results but BluePippin seq results superior #…
- Thursday Oct 16 - 6:50pm

Going to #ASHG2014? We hope to see you there! Stop by booth #935 to meet the @SageSci team. #ASHG14 http://t.co/YnSWn6RrnU
- Thursday Oct 16 - 2:33pm

Why do biofx folks love #Pippin? Because of the great assemblies, of course. http://t.co/jzW7PoiH4g
- Tuesday Oct 14 - 8:19pm

Going to #BeyondtheGenome? Sage Science will be cheering on #Pippin users making a difference in #cancergenomics! http://t.co/VCRd8eXhxp
- Tuesday Oct 7 - 5:55pm

Check out these new app notes for #matepair and @PacBio sequencing with #BluePippin size selection. http://t.co/DAvcTIi1Xn
- Thursday Oct 2 - 5:55pm

Awesome to see more scientists using the ddRADseq method for massively parallel genotyping. Great for non-model orgs! http://t.co/3qaNJkcwVK
- Thursday Oct 2 - 4:03pm

Great to see #BluePippin used in this stellar antibiotic resistance paper from NIH scientists http://t.co/Bub74K9a9o
- Thursday Sep 25 - 1:37pm

Three cheers for the #ABRF RNA-seq study comparing performance across sequencers! Thanks for including #PippinPrep. http://t.co/ZS0U1z5Xxm
- Wednesday Sep 17 - 6:20pm

Using your #Illumina sequencer for ChIP-seq? Find out how Pippin Prep can save time and give cleaner results. http://t.co/vd7nTnX7Hr
- Tuesday Sep 16 - 7:23pm

Cave genomics expert Hazel Barton is our 1,000th Pippin customer! Check out her cool work: http://t.co/d8Dy45nuG3
- Tuesday Sep 2 - 8:26pm