Meet the scientist trying to bring the world a better blueberry with advanced genomics tools:
- Tuesday Jun 21 - 1:32pm

For long-range sequencing, Iso-Seq, and CNV analysis, users turn to SageELF for optimal results.
- Tuesday Jun 14 - 12:53pm

Happy June! Looking forward to #PacBioUGM #ASMMicrobe and #GenomicsFest
- Wednesday Jun 1 - 2:28pm

Scientists use SageELF and BluePippin for building the best Iso-Seq libraries — see why.
- Tuesday May 24 - 3:33pm

Great paper detailing the effects of urbanization and climate change on mouse populations in NYC: #PippinPrep
- Thursday May 12 - 1:09pm

This one’s not just a cool epigenetics paper on cotton development, but also the first publication citing #PippinHT.
- Monday May 9 - 1:57pm

RT @mendelspod: NEW: With 10K Genomes Sequenced, @GenomicsEngland in High Gear: @clare__turnbull, Clinical Lead
- Thursday May 5 - 5:42pm

Totally RAD: NGS community builds on ddRAD-seq with even more uses for massively parallel genotyping.
- Tuesday May 3 - 12:34pm

Recent publications on gorilla genome, synthetic minimal genome used #BluePippin for sizing.
- Thursday Apr 28 - 2:57pm

Happy #DNADay16, everyone! The Sage team reflects on the latest advances in understanding DNA.
- Monday Apr 25 - 2:03pm

RT @GenomeGalaxy: Day 4 w. 10,000+ responses to @pacbio genome competition. Great to see such strong interest and #sciencesupport! https://…
- Thursday Apr 14 - 7:41pm

Genomics meets cryptography with spy-worthy synthetic DNA paper.
- Thursday Apr 14 - 4:54pm

RT @PacBio: Genome & transcriptome analysis help @marianattestad @mike_schatz deconstruct cancer complexity @CSHL #…
- Thursday Apr 14 - 1:42pm

RT @PacBio: From Earthworms to Alpacas: Vote for the SMRT Grant Program Winner! Thx to @SageSci @computomics @lets_experiment https://t.c…
- Monday Apr 11 - 2:53pm

Great new RAD method for studying samples with degraded DNA, like those stored in museum collections. #pippinprep
- Thursday Mar 31 - 6:05pm