We’ve updated our meeting schedule! See where we’ll be exhibiting this fall…

Back from ASMS, and still absorbing all those great posters. We are officially proteomics fans now! http://t.co/vRJ5e1oviM
- Friday Jun 20 - 8:06pm

Excellent applications of #BluePippin and ideas for #SageELF at the #PBUGM this week. We were honored to participate! http://t.co/amKYauO0Z7
- Thursday Jun 19 - 4:26pm

RT @AndyLarrea: Almost every talk has mentioned the utility of the Blue Pippen from @SageSci size selection makes a huge diff in yield and …
- Tuesday Jun 17 - 7:17pm

Glad to be participating at the #pbugm again this year. We've got the #BluePippin and #SageELF on display, so stop by!
- Tuesday Jun 17 - 2:31pm

Dick McCombie: Size selecting with #BluePippin was essential to getting yeast genome right with SMRT Sequencing. #pbugm
- Tuesday Jun 17 - 2:24pm

#ASMS2014 is underway! The meeting kicked off with a bang and hasn’t disappointed since. http://t.co/QfpXkVMFKJ
- Tuesday Jun 17 - 11:06am

We’re applying our gel electrophoresis expertise to the protein field. Get to know the SageELF at #ASMS2014. http://t.co/oxef0ZGR0E
- Friday Jun 13 - 8:33pm

Heading to Baltimore for #ASMS2014 and #PBugm , looking forward to the latest in proteomics and long-read sequencing! http://t.co/LSlxZDs8IT
- Friday Jun 13 - 5:32pm

#SageELF used for a collaborative effort to map comprehensive E. coli proteome in vivo. Spectral libraries galore. http://t.co/wRcQlG3OdD
- Thursday Jun 12 - 8:05pm

Going to Santa Fe! Looking forward to the #SFAF14 meeting for best genome analysis practices. http://t.co/2UbZ2C3B3u
- Tuesday May 27 - 5:51pm

RT @IcahnInstitute: Hirano Takashi from #Okinawa Institute of Advanced Sciences showing @pacbio read of 43,000 bases and using @SageSci Blu…
- Thursday May 22 - 1:12pm

Back from #ASM2014, still obsessively using Purell. Great to see all the interest in #Pippin and #SageELF! http://t.co/iv3ORvFQ6G
- Wednesday May 21 - 8:41pm

MiRNA linked to vitaminD-related gene expression change in developing zebrafish.Libraries by #PippinPrep & @nebiolabs http://t.co/YzFdTzMPZK
- Thursday May 15 - 5:29pm

Scientists deploy TALEN to shrink disease-causing repeat expansion, use #PippinPrep.http://t.co/gw2JoLXqUM
- Friday May 9 - 6:02pm

Check out this @InSequence article for a great profile of our #SageELF and its uses for DNA and protein samples. http://t.co/9TM9tLa4wE
- Wednesday Apr 30 - 3:52pm