RT @ScienceJill: Excited to see so much HMW DNA ❤️ at #agbt18 - both academic innovations as well as commercial products. @AATI_US @SageSc
- Friday Feb 16 - 8:51pm

For today's #TBT: Flashback to paper by @matholomoo at @EarlhamInst about how to use RenSeq capture for @PacBio seq… https://t.co/JjcGnfRo3O
- Thursday Feb 15 - 3:26pm

Size matters at #AGBT18: A recap of some of the talks we ♥'ed including size selection & HMW DNA… https://t.co/Fwpnic786u
- Wednesday Feb 14 - 2:43pm

Learn more about the technology GiWon used for his #HLS-CATCH research: https://t.co/zmggpvWMLp #AGBT18 #SageHLS https://t.co/fNA3VipT2r
- Tuesday Feb 13 - 9:40pm

RT @mason_lab: Giwon Shin showing a Cas9 large scale capture of the entire MHC region with this protocol https://t.co/TowdWIlO3x #AGBT18 ht…
- Tuesday Feb 13 - 8:56pm

RT @illuminaLive: GiWon Shin from @StanfordMed assembly based structural variation and haplotypes from targeted <Mb DNAs. Challenges includ…
- Tuesday Feb 13 - 8:55pm

RT @ncloonan: Now up is Giwon Shin. Assembly-based SV and haplotypes form targeted sub megabase DNA molecules. #AGBT18
- Tuesday Feb 13 - 8:46pm

Be sure to CATCH this talk, #AGBT18 goers: GiWon Shin of @Stanford will be in the ballroom at 3:40pm to discuss his… https://t.co/oHA3pU3VYi
- Tuesday Feb 13 - 5:02pm

How to CATCH your gene of interest - learn more about Cas9-assisted targeting of chromosome segments & how #SageHLShttps://t.co/L5IOB4UmFj
- Monday Feb 12 - 10:50pm

Come pay us a visit, #AGBT18 folks, and learn all about #SageHLS, #SageELF and #PippinHT size selection technology.… https://t.co/Xo9agtKVQr
- Monday Feb 12 - 2:49pm

Orlando, here we come. See you at #AGBT18? https://t.co/Yq0MJY67Fm
- Sunday Feb 11 - 6:47pm

There will be fireworks! And lots of illuminating science. Can't wait for #AGBT18. 3...2...1...… https://t.co/M3JePYLNtf
- Friday Feb 9 - 5:45pm

Gearing up for the Super Bowl of Genetics, #AGBT18. Can't wait! What we're most looking forward to (besides the par… https://t.co/YosJzGaqNZ
- Thursday Feb 8 - 10:45pm

A DNA loaning library? Insider insight into a cool @smithsonian @NMNH collection & how they maintain the best sam… https://t.co/K2gjILvyIX
- Monday Feb 5 - 4:39pm

RT @bioscribe: This might be our favorite genome ever. https://t.co/NlnsoYvvUu
- Friday Feb 2 - 4:47pm


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