RT @GenomeAnalysis: Our scientists develop new LMP method for genome sequencing w/t reduced DNA input, time & cost http://t.co/m2QU6T9iZh h…
- Wednesday Jul 22 - 8:51pm

Here's our quick recap of the new mate-pair protocol published in Biotechniques: http://t.co/UTKftwRFqa
- Monday Jul 13 - 1:47pm

Awesome paper on mate-pair library construction from scientists at @GenomeAnalysis - check it out here: http://t.co/fPGR2xc1ME
- Friday Jul 10 - 12:39pm

Check out this record-breaking diploid human genome assembly from @IcahnInstitute @mason_lab and other institutes: http://t.co/MFYLak1Tp7
- Wednesday Jul 1 - 1:46pm

We had a blast at #GenomicsFest last week! If you missed it, check out our recap. http://t.co/hqcrsY6GJv
- Monday Jun 29 - 1:09pm

RT @salisburymw: Love the Race the Helix event at #GenomicsFest! Go team Sage/PacBio! http://t.co/uVFzFTiYtd
- Wednesday Jun 24 - 3:42pm

Check out Chris Boles in the #GenomicsFest Tech Forum. We promise a great talk!
- Tuesday Jun 23 - 3:19pm

We're looking forward to #GenomicsFest next week! We'll be at stand #5. Hope to see you there!
- Friday Jun 19 - 2:10pm

Here's a recap of the @mendelspod interview with Bobby Sebra @IcahnInstitute on large DNA, sample prep, and more. http://t.co/gT873wK44M
- Friday Jun 19 - 1:43pm

Mark Wang says size selection after ligation works best for large-insert targeted sequencing (PacBio-LITS) #PBUGM
- Wednesday Jun 17 - 5:45pm

We knew Bobby Sebra from @IcahnInstitute was a rock star even before today's WGS/targeted seq presentation at #PBUGM. http://t.co/nMkeBtsGpy
- Wednesday Jun 17 - 4:05pm

At #PBUGM, Marcela Yepes shows BluePippin used in pipeline for coffee genome sequencing project. We'll drink to that!
- Wednesday Jun 17 - 2:09pm

Don't miss this podcast with Bobby Sebra @IcahnInstitute - a great look at scaling up NGS pipelines and projects. http://t.co/KaAidtwz1F
- Tuesday Jun 16 - 4:57pm

Looking forward to the @PacBio user group meeting! Sample prep workshop this afternoon. http://t.co/0K8tsVn2xU
- Tuesday Jun 16 - 1:11pm