Great to see that advances in sample prep are powering ancient genomics! Better prep does make a difference.
- Thursday Apr 3 - 8:04pm

The cross-platform RNA-seq study presentation at #ABRF2014 was awesome,and we look forward to phase 2, DNA sequencing.
- Monday Mar 24 - 9:23pm

#ABRF2014 kicks off with great proteomics talks and the DNA sequencing core lab study. Great stuff!
- Monday Mar 24 - 12:29am

Going to #ABRF14? So are we! Stop by booth 502 to see the new #SageELF and learn about #Pippin automated size selection. #ABRF2014
- Thursday Mar 20 - 4:01pm

RT @InSequence: At AGBT, PacBio Shows Platform Utility in RNA-seq Studies, Human Sequencing
- Thursday Feb 27 - 6:29pm

Thanks for the #BluePippin shout-out, @pathogenomenick! Glad to help people extend @PacBio read lengths w/ sizing.
- Thursday Feb 27 - 4:14pm

Our new #SageELF gets a shout-out from @genbio in this #AGBT14 sample prep roundup:
- Wednesday Feb 19 - 2:45pm

More snow in Boston has us looking back on a great #AGBT14 and the community’s interest in sample prep improvements.
- Wednesday Feb 19 - 2:26pm

See how Bobby Sebra from @IcahnInstitute uses @PacBio with #BluePippin sizing to get crazy long reads. #AGBT14
- Thursday Feb 13 - 7:27pm

Ahoy, AGBT! 15 years and still going strong. Can’t wait to show off new products for better sample prep — lanai 281.
- Wednesday Feb 5 - 3:10pm

RT @JonBadalamenti: First time using BluePippin: from just 1 @PacBio SMRTcell I'm getting ~12x genome coverage in reads >10kb. Head still s…
- Tuesday Feb 4 - 5:09pm

NYU’s Center for Genomics and Systems Biology uses Pippin with Illumina and Ion Torrent sequencing.
- Tuesday Jan 21 - 6:54pm

Happy holidays from Sage Science! 2013 was a great year us with terrific science from our customers!
- Friday Dec 20 - 8:39pm

At BU lab, Pippin streamlines ChIP-seq workflow – saves time, prevents contamination, no need for cleanup step.
- Tuesday Dec 10 - 3:30pm

Sanger scientists detail protocols for improved Illumina library prep; nice recommendation for Pippin.
- Monday Dec 2 - 3:09pm