A paper to peruse over a cuppa: Tea sequencing reveals secrets of flavor & caffeine https://t.co/YQ782tgYT0… https://t.co/KvR1QafPHj
- Friday Nov 17 - 2:00pm

How accurate is WGS of #HIV-1 populations? @mpib_berlin and @karolinskainst investigate, using #BluePippinhttps://t.co/7VXoVUF0Zb
- Wednesday Nov 15 - 4:45pm

Simplifying splicing via Splicify: @NKI_nl ID differentially expressed protein isoforms w/ help of #SageELFhttps://t.co/tWcSFQPZyo
- Monday Nov 13 - 5:00pm

Congrats to @MayoClinic @ClevelandClinic & co for successful NGS-based HLA protocol. Happy to help w/ #BluePippinhttps://t.co/1XrWj4kPwH
- Thursday Nov 9 - 4:39pm

Genome assembly, structural variation, and single-cell genomics: great @mendelspod interview with @deannachurch: https://t.co/bSp4e8GDTq
- Tuesday Oct 31 - 2:40pm

We're proud to have supported this great project from scientists in Brazil, tracking a chikungunya outbreak: https://t.co/7qMdbKoaTY
- Wednesday Oct 25 - 3:22pm

Thanks to all who stopped by at #ASHG17! If you missed the conference, we recapped the themes here: https://t.co/8iGE5kylG8
- Monday Oct 23 - 5:41pm

RT @mendelspod: We've Become Too Single Variant Centric, Says @deannachurch on Genome Analysis https://t.co/TJj8NmqZZ7 @10xgenomics #sin
- Thursday Oct 12 - 5:53pm

Heading to #ASHG17? Stop by booth #752 to find out how automated DNA sizing can improve your NGS results. https://t.co/Xivzugzohk
- Thursday Oct 12 - 12:59pm

Studying ctDNA? Don't miss this @CRUKresearch preprint showing better sensitivity for detecting cancer biomarkers: https://t.co/XYN1sewR0H
- Tuesday Oct 10 - 1:38pm

Interested in long-read transcriptome studies? Great paper comparing PacBio and ONT platforms: https://t.co/CnTsJYxJxV
- Thursday Sep 14 - 1:15pm

Great interview with UCSC's Mark Akeson about nanopore sequencing from @mendelspod - https://t.co/6nAuZCZ3Mq
- Tuesday Sep 5 - 2:40pm

Great @mendelspod interview with @nabsys CEO Barrett Bready on the need for HMW DNA to study structural variation: https://t.co/IuAk2ucDhi
- Thursday Jul 27 - 1:47pm

A new preprint from @ekdelaney and @hopihoekstra uses ddRAD-seq to study reproductive barriers, speciation in mice: https://t.co/mQGLwnKgzU
- Tuesday Jul 25 - 5:33pm

For @10xgenomics workflow, @broadinstitute uses #PippinHT size selection: https://t.co/IIGKGyEp08
- Tuesday Jul 18 - 6:44pm


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