Congrats @ETH_en for creating #CIDER-Seq for viruses & producing >250 full-length genomes w/ #BluePippin & @PacBio
- Thursday Dec 7 - 8:25pm

Proving paternity in promiscuous fairy wren now easier, thanks to #BluePippin & new @CornellBirds ddRAD-seq pipelin…
- Tuesday Dec 5 - 5:22pm

Phew! What a meeting! Thanks for hosting, @nanopore, and for all the amazing insights from so many great, sage scientists! #nanoporeconf
- Friday Dec 1 - 10:10pm

RT @NanoporeConf: TJ: fantastic results of melon genome - N50 10Mb and 12 contigs cover half the genome #nanoporeconf…
- Friday Dec 1 - 4:56pm

So many great breakout sessions today at #nanoporeconf! Ask us how we can help you get your libraries into shape! #SageELF #BluePippin
- Friday Dec 1 - 2:18pm

Fascinating science so far #nanoporeconf! Size selecting DNA libraries impt for @nanopore seq, just ask these guys…
- Thursday Nov 30 - 9:20pm

Ready, set, GO! Good luck, lightning talk presenters! Strike us with your science! #nanoporeconf
- Thursday Nov 30 - 7:18pm

Excited to hear collaborator Chia-Lin Wei of @jacksonlab discuss SV in #cancer genome - Breakout Rm 1…
- Thursday Nov 30 - 4:00pm

So. Many. Super. Scientists! Looking forward to kicking off #nanoporeconf with "The Sequencing Singularity" plenary by @pathogenomenick
- Thursday Nov 30 - 2:15pm

Excited to be in the Big Apple for a taste of latest @nanopore-driven discoveries! Looking forward to meeting sage…
- Wednesday Nov 29 - 7:12pm

Excited to see the BluePippin recommended for DNA size selection at the Nanopore community meeting workshop!…
- Wednesday Nov 29 - 5:46pm

#BluePippin and #nanopore
- Wednesday Nov 29 - 4:49pm

Could we be closer to finding causes of #balding? Korean researchers at @dkupr use #BluePippin to ID genetic clues…
- Friday Nov 24 - 4:51pm

A cozy community! Sequencing of 7 bacterial species by Kolter Lab @harvardmed shows #maize protection…
- Wednesday Nov 22 - 4:50pm

Flavor's not only complex thing about coffee. The tetraploid Arabica is genetically rich…
- Monday Nov 20 - 1:46pm


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