Happy #DNADay17! Here's to better treatment for all those DNA molecules we study. https://t.co/audWeORVMk
- Tuesday Apr 25 - 1:23pm

#AACR17 featured high-profile speakers and cool technical advances: https://t.co/2pP7z6l6Bt
- Monday Apr 10 - 7:04pm

The lost art of working with high molecular weight DNA - a Q&A with our CSO about the new #SageHLS platform: https://t.co/ASkfQu8u0c
- Thursday Mar 2 - 2:45pm

High molecular weight DNA was in the limelight at #AGBT17: https://t.co/1BqzztJYEM
- Wednesday Feb 22 - 7:03pm

Now on @BitesizeBio - Size-Selection Is Essential for Cell-Free DNA Studies: https://t.co/vHN0ZOzwFB
- Friday Feb 10 - 2:10pm

Fascinating @mendelspod interview with Evan Eichler reminds us that struc var has been an issue since the beginning. https://t.co/jpYyOku2R5
- Wednesday Jan 18 - 2:56pm

Hey, #PAGXXV attendees! If you haven't stopped by yet, come to booth #422 for a sneak peek at the new SageHLS for HMW DNA.
- Monday Jan 16 - 4:31pm

Going to #PAGXXV? Stop by booth #422 for a sneak peek at the new SageHLS for HMW DNA. https://t.co/9J6upeceVY
- Friday Jan 13 - 2:39pm

RT @EarlhamInst: Platforms & Pipelines Team Leader Darren Heavens speaks about how we use @SageSci BluePippin at EI https://t.co/CuI6fbN2UJ…
- Friday Jan 13 - 2:38pm

We can't believe it's nearly time to say farewell to 2016. Happy holidays, everyone! https://t.co/nWi7g8muvg
- Tuesday Dec 20 - 7:15pm

In Clinical Chemistry, nice description of NGS workflow for HLA typing using #PippinPrep and @OmixonBio. https://t.co/lwfNbr6Wul
- Wednesday Dec 14 - 6:56pm

Trouble choosing a size selection method? Check out this @BitesizeBio article with scientists' protocol evaluations. https://t.co/SHG4xX6Khb
- Wednesday Dec 14 - 2:07pm

NGS in the clinic: Marco Marra talks cancer genomics with @mendelspod https://t.co/LuuhVphzCR
- Tuesday Dec 13 - 2:24pm

We're celebrating preprints for #BluePippin and #SageELF. Check them out! https://t.co/Q5GUjA0rO5
- Thursday Dec 8 - 7:17pm


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