Lab geniuses gather to share tricks of the trade Loving it all to the core #ABRF18 #ABRFhaiku
- Sunday Apr 22 - 11:00pm

Novel protocols revealed Instrument bake-offs It must be ABRF #ABRF18 #ABRFhaiku
- Sunday Apr 22 - 5:00pm

Myrtle Beach, we're on our way to learn about cores Can't wait to see you #ABRF18 #ABRFhaiku
- Saturday Apr 21 - 5:53pm

Genome-wide methylation analysis is challenging when fragment sizes are too small. The solution for @erasmusmc scie…
- Friday Apr 20 - 5:48pm

Excited to spend #DNADay18 next week at @jacksonlab learning about the latest in @PacBio @10xgenomics @nanopore lon…
- Thursday Apr 19 - 4:05pm

Hats off to all the #cancer researchers gathering for #AACR18. We’re honored to support your discoveries with our l…
- Monday Apr 16 - 1:44pm

Regulating red blood cells - #PippinHT helped intl team prepare libraries for RNA-seq in study of the ribonuclease…
- Thursday Apr 12 - 4:04pm

Why’d they die? @Illumina and @PacBio sequencing of avian E. coli by @Anses_fr provides insight into antibiotic (ce…
- Monday Apr 9 - 4:29pm

A new model for motor skill variability and vocal learning? High-quality draft genome & annotation for the Bengales…
- Wednesday Apr 4 - 4:28pm

Check out this protocol for analyzing small extracellular RNAs featuring #PippinHT.
- Tuesday Apr 3 - 2:02pm

How to analyze small RNAs in RNA interference studies? @biouea researchers present an interesting method for removi…
- Monday Apr 2 - 4:05pm

Down with OPCs: In studying the chemoprotective role of OPCs in colorectal #cancer, Ajay Goel @Baylor found they di…
- Thursday Mar 29 - 4:07pm

You too can use CRISPR advances to target large genomic regions for study. Here's how: #HLSCATCH
- Thursday Mar 29 - 2:10pm

Genomics of C. striatum: How #BluePippin size selection, @PacBio whole-genome sequencing & MALDI/TOF were used to a…
- Tuesday Mar 27 - 4:13pm


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