What a great #geXc so far! Don’t miss Sage scientist Jun Zhou’s 2:15pm talk about using the HLS-CATCH method for ta… https://t.co/6fM1BgcrEh
- Friday May 18 - 4:27pm

RT @coregenomics: Size matters…for cfDNA (and ctDNA) https://t.co/DKUmuZN5ix https://t.co/pr2o24bJ3y
- Thursday May 17 - 2:37pm

Gearing up for a sexy #geXc at @broadinstitute on Friday! See you there? Be sure to catch our talk on HLS-CATCH at… https://t.co/EkRwIEyp9r
- Wednesday May 16 - 5:38pm

Seeking to address disparities in #kidney disease, the COMPASS study will examine diabetic Chronic Kidney Disease i… https://t.co/Xkl6bcKgDR
- Friday May 4 - 4:00pm

Exploring RNA complexity in highly expressed genes, Chinese team finds alt splicing more frequent, induced by TAMS.… https://t.co/0CyC3EI31E
- Thursday May 3 - 4:30pm

Resolving large, complex structural variation w/small amount of DNA? Hanlee Ji of @StanfordMed describes cool new t… https://t.co/XUKqaOii1j
- Wednesday May 2 - 6:02pm

German researchers at @maxplanckpress develop new method to study the effects of microRNAs during #pregnancy & earl… https://t.co/zmaknYb5Wu
- Monday Apr 30 - 4:00pm

New method to tease out SVs, DNA rearrangments & other somatic changes using #SageHLS could become low-cost alterna… https://t.co/VlChTZKLwf
- Friday Apr 27 - 4:00pm

Shotgun spit: @KnightLabNews at @UCSanDiego reports improved protocol for enriching microbial DNA collected from fr… https://t.co/RRNIw8OWy1
- Thursday Apr 26 - 4:00pm

DNA! Hooray, hooray! Great discovery 15 years today, hooray! #DNADay18 #DNAhaiku https://t.co/dERyyc1dDb
- Wednesday Apr 25 - 2:00pm

CRISPR NGS MS 3D BioIT #ABRF in letters #ABRF18 #ABRFhaiku
- Tuesday Apr 24 - 3:00pm

Shorter LR sequence times Could it be? Come see Poster 128, sneak peek #ABRF18 #ABRFhaiku
- Tuesday Apr 24 - 1:00pm

We would love to see you all Booth 103, come see Input wanted on our tech #ABRF18 #ABRFhaiku
- Monday Apr 23 - 3:00pm

Genomics and Imaging Mass spec and Admin #ABRF18 dilemma #ABRF18 #ABRFhaiku
- Monday Apr 23 - 1:00pm

Lab geniuses gather to share tricks of the trade Loving it all to the core #ABRF18 #ABRFhaiku
- Sunday Apr 22 - 11:00pm


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