0.75% agarose1


For targets between 2 kb – 8 kb.

0.75% agarose cassettes are used to collect fragments for mate-pair library construction or other applications that require larger inserts.

CSD7510 0.75% agarose with EtBr, Pippin Prep


Cassettes are packaged in boxes of 10. Capacity is 4 samples/cassette (40 samples/box). Reference markers are included.

Target selection range: 2 -8 kb
Minimum fragment size distribution as CV: + 20%
Run Times: 60 min. at 2 kb
95 min. at 8 kb
Sample Recovery: 50 – 80%
Accuracy: Accuracy is dependent on input load.
Reproducibility: + 8%*
Maximum Load Capacity: 10 µg sheared genomic DNA
4 µg DNA band
Minimum Load: low single nanograms


*Reproducibility is defined as CV of averages from 4 replicate tight collections on the same sample for this product.

CSD7510 0.75% agarose with EtBr, Pippin Prep


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