Updated 12/19/2016. Inquire:

Sage Science, privately owned and located in Beverly, MA, is a fast paced, start-up biotechnology firm that develops and markets automated sample preparation instruments and consumables for genomic research and molecular diagnostics.

We are looking for an Applications Manager to oversee a team of research associates with a wide range of responsibilities, including customer technical support, training, testing new products, developing protocols and workflows. This team will also work closely with R and D to test, validate and commercialize new products.

Experience and Skills

The successful candidate will have a Bachelors or Master’s Degree in a life sciences field, and a minimum of 5 years of research experience in academic or industry research. Preference will be given to candidates with supervisory, technical customer service and product development experience. The candidate should have a thorough working knowledge of NGS sequencing workflows, standard molecular biology techniques such as DNA/RNA purification, PCR, electrophoresis of nucleic acids, and recombinant DNA techniques. Excellent communication skills and the ability to manage multiple priorities a must.

The candidate should enjoy hands-on, creative, laboratory work in a team environment.

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