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We are looking for a candidate to fill a Research Scientist postion:

Job Title:
Research Scientist

Job Description:
Sage Science is developing new genetic tests based on its proprietary HLS-CATCH technology for targeted genomic fragment isolation. The technology integrates rapid HMW DNA isolation with Cas9-mediated gene enrichment to isolate panels of genomic targets for sequence analysis by Illumina, PacBio, or Oxford platforms. The HLS-CATCH technology is flexible and can isolate panels of targets ranging in size from one hundred to one million bp in length.

We are looking for a Research Scientist to develop new genetic tests using HLS-CATCH technology. The successful candidate will design, develop, and test Cas9-based reagents to enrich medically relevant genomic targets that are difficult to analyze by conventional targeted sequencing methods.

Candidates should have a B.S. in molecular biology, cell biology, or a related field. The successful candidate must have extensive hands-on experience with:

a) Genomic DNA purification,
b) Illumina genomic library construction,
c) Agilent SureSelect targeted library construction,
d) Operation of Illumina sequencers (NextSeq and MiSeq),
e) qPCR assays for analysis of genomic copy number variation, and
e) Illumina data analysis for targeted sequencing applications
f) Mammalian cell culture, aseptic technique

Preference will be given to candidates with industry experience.

About our organization:
Sage Science, privately owned and located in Beverly, MA, is a biotechnology firm that develops and markets automated sample preparation systems for genomic research and molecular diagnostics. Our core products, the Pippin, BluePippin and PippinHT DNA size-selection instruments, are used in sequencing labs and genome centers worldwide. Sage offers a competitive salary and benefits package.

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