DNA Sequencing

Sage Science products have many uses in DNA sequencing, including:

  • Library construction for paired-end or mate-pair sequencing
  • Removing low molecular weight content for long-read sequencing
  • Template preparation for clonal amplification of DNA on beads
  • Library construction for chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) techniques
  • Detecting large structural variants

During electrophoresis of DNA through agarose gels, sample DNA can stick to the gel matrix or bleed across lanes, contaminating libraries with low molecular weight content such as adapter-dimers or cross-contaminating samples. Sage Science products prevent cross-contamination and allow users to remove unwanted fragments that are too small or too large.

With Pippin Prep or BluePippin, users can select their desired fragment length and the instrument will automatically select and collect those fragments, eliminating all others. With SageELF, users get 12 contiguous fractions from each sample, allowing them to construct libraries with multiple insert sizes for improved genome assembly accuracy while making the most of every sample.

A cleanly-sized library improves sequence efficiency by providing more accurate quantification of DNA loading concentrations and by targeting fragments that can be optimally analyzed by each sequencing platform. These libraries also boost data quality and efficiency by making structural variation and indel discovery more straightforward.

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